For a science of multiplicities is an open-ended, transversal experiment inspired by the work of Emeritus Prof. Challenger, who stated the invention of a discipline he defined by diverse names: stratoanalysis, rhizomatics, nomadology, pragmatics, schizoanalysis, micropolitics, or ‘simply’ the science of multiplicities.

The objectives, approaches, and/or principles of this discipline have never been clear, opening the space to experimentation, fabulation and speculation.

This experiment is then a provisional and speculative ensemble of unfolding projects that cross and challenge the boundaries of disciplines and genres; it is a diagramatics that attempts to relate to the existent in order to activate new lines of flight, and bifurcations, and ethical modes of psychic and collective individuation, and war machines, and … and … and. The website is a partially accessible database of these projects, and a point of departure for future ones.